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Your Tight Bottom

A collection of our best-selling tights and everything in between for everyday-everywhere use.

Midtown Midlayers

Performance fabrics, a comfortable fit and an array colors that protect you in any environment.

Break Free From the Wind

Winter weather isn’t bad. It’s fast. You just have to gear up right. Break free.

You’ve heard them all your life.
The nay sayers.
The can’ts and don’ts
Don’t run indoors.
Or at night.
Don’t stray from the road.
Don’t go out in the rain.
Or the snow.
It’s too cold. Too wet.
What are you trying to prove?
The opponent is too strong.
Too fast.
You’ve heard them all your life.
Here is another one:
Don’t listen to them.

Break Free

365 Days of Baselayers

What We Do

With a genuine heritage in the Swedish elements and endurance-specific sports, we develop high-quality performance sportswear. We push ourselves to innovate, to inspire, to be persistent and create tools with a Nordic attitude and a global reach.

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"The Company engine runs on growth, but with sustainability as it's navigator."

-Torsten Jansson
President and CEO I New Wave Group

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