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Mid-Week Workouts

by Andy Newell on April 16, 2020

6 Rounds For Time
Continuously cycle through the rounds until finished with 6 rounds. Pacing is key to finishing the workout with a good time. The first 2 rounds should feel pretty easy and then build into the last round feeling really hard.

- 10 push ups
- 20 reverse lunges (Add weight to make this harder)
- 20 Plank toe taps


10 minute EMOM
Start each round Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM). Rest the remainder of the minute.

- 10 Air Squats (Add weight/weight vest for a harder workout) Try to get to 90 degrees.
- 5 Burpees


Leg Strength
2-4 sets total depending on how they feel and whether or not you add weight to any of them. Your glutes will likely be sore after this. If they're not then try adding some weight next time.

- 10 Bulgarian Split Squats with elevated rear foot (each side) *Make sure your knee isn't going past your big toe.* Move closer or further from box to find the most comfortable place to squat from. Try to find something a little lower than knee height to elevate your rear foot.
- 15 Calf Raises (each side) *I usually do this on the stairs and try to stay in control with only a finger on the railing or wall for stability.
- 10 Skater Squats (each leg) *Slowly lower down while crossing unloaded leg behind the loaded leg, then power up to a neutral stance. You can do this on a box to make it harder and get more depth in the squat.

- Rest 2 minutes


10 minute Ab Death
This was a staple team workout when I was a competition climber and still packs the same punch over a decade later. The hardest variation is to do this unbroken, with no rest, through each exercise. An easier(but still hard) variation is to do 30-45 seconds on with the remainder of the minute resting.

- 1min Front Plank
- 1min Left Side Plank
- 1min Right Side Plank
- 1min Russian Twists
- 1min Superman
- 1min Front Plank
- 1min Left Side Plank
- 1min Right Side Plank
- 1min Bicycles
- 1min Superman


10 min Daily Maintenance and Mobility
I try to do these after each run, although sometimes I'm pressed for time, or just don't want to get onto the ground in some random parking lot. It's a really good habit to get into doing this most days. Your hips will thank you if you do. This also serves as a good warm up for other workouts.

- 20 Push Ups
- 20 Crunches
- 20 Donkey Kicks (each side)
- 20 Side crunches (each side)
- 20 Fire Hydrants (each side)
- 20 Side Leg Raises (each side)
- 20 Glute Bridges (each side)
- 20 Push Ups