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As the urban landscape grows, physical training evolves. Running, training, yoga and a multitude of workout styles merge and blend on the cities, creating new ways of promoting fitness and strength.

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How to Dress for Your Run.

Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercises. Often, all it takes is putting on a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, shoes and then start running right outside the front door. As a result, running has become extremely popular. All kinds of people run. However, it's far from everyone who dress optimally for running; many tend to dress far too warm, which reduces comfort and inhibit performance.

Think 15 Minutes Ahead

Don't dress too warm. Don't adjust your outfit after how it feels at the start of your run, but rather after how it feels 15 minutes into the workout. Ideally, you should freeze a little in the beginning, even if it's unpleasant. We promise, you will soon get warm.

Layer up with a lightweight garment. It can be removed if you get too warm. A thin and lightweight running jacket such as the Focus Hood Jacket can easily be packed away in its own pocket and secured around the waist using the elastic band that comes with the jacket.

Start your run wearing a hat and gloves. When you get warm, tuck them away in a pocket or on the inside of your tights/shorts.

Wear a Vest. A vest is perfect to use for heat regulation. The vest protects the torso but ventilates the arms and armpits. In addition, you can use the zipper to adjust the ventilation.

Perfect For A City Run

Combining highly functional fabrics, contemporary designs and many unique elements of high visibility these styles get you running safely and in style.

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