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Welcome to our blog – FIKA


Fika [ˈfiˌka] - A relaxing coffee and cake break.

It was my first International Sales Meeting in Craft’s hometown of Boras, Sweden when I learned of Fika. After our first few hours of meetings on Day 1, our Global CEO stood up and said it was time for “Fika.” Thinking that was a polite Swedish way of giving everyone a chance to stretch their legs and have a bio-break I then curiously watched the 50+ attendees from across the Europe and Asia quickly stand up and quietly march to the main foyer of Craft’s Global Headquarters.


The Multi Sport Athlete

No one just shows up and wins a world championship. Anyone reading this can understand and respect that. But in 2015 when I won the Spartan Race World Championship, after only three races prior to the event, many were surprised, including myself. Looking back to four years ago I’m still trying to figure out why my transition to OCR was so seamless. I’ve been trying to top the SRWC podium again, falling just short three years in a row earning the bronze.


Everyday Hero

Endurance sports are the place where I experience flow, that state of energized focus where nothing else matters. I crave extended stretches of time alone with just an elevated heart rate, a solitude I can’t replicate anywhere but in the outdoors. When the other parts of my life feel excessively dynamic, tying on my running shoes or saddling up for a ride on the dirt roads near my home in Vermont is a simple routine that is practiced and predictable. My training plans bring consistency and structure to my hurried life.