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Training Collection

A collection of our finest fabrics and latest innovations combined with a multi-purpose design.

Run Collection

Dedicated runners who prefer to run fast or long distance in warm conditions.

Cycling Collection

Ergonomic design ensures weather protection, body-temperature control, and aerodynamics.

What We Do

With a genuine heritage in the Swedish elements and endurance-specific sports, we develop high-quality performance sportswear. We push ourselves to innovate, to inspire, to be persistent and create tools with a Nordic attitude and a global reach.


Essence is the sustainable choice that adds another green dimension to cycling. Recycled fabrics, solution dye and a clean, timeless design combine to make every ride an eco-friendlier experience.

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Less Water


Less Harmful Chemicals


Less energy

Web Exclusive


Attitude runs high in the urban district. Here, the casual intersects with the bold, generating stylish garments that move smoothly with the beat of the street. Items that combine exceptional comfort with a laid-back yet compelling identity.


Everyday Everywhere Essentials.

Corporate Social Responsibility

"The Company engine runs on growth, but with sustainability as it's navigator."

-Torsten Jansson
President and CEO I New Wave Group

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